All About Dash

So, on the homepage, I told you I’m a professional nerd. That means I write code for a living. Specifically, I write web software and manipulate WordPress. I’ve been writing web sites and web applications since 1998. With respect to WordPress, that’s been my thing since about 2010. To get where I am today, I earned a BS in Computer Science from Lehigh University and an MS in Instructional Design and Development from there as well.

To get where I’m going, that’s why I’m currently working on a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from the Iliff School of Theology. Iliff is a pretty great place. They’re in Denver, CO, but they have a Journey Program that lets you live anywhere you want to and still work on your degree through this here Internet thinger.

Why am I going there? Well, I’m already an initiate in a non-exclusive organization called the Firefly House for witches, Wiccans, and other magic workers. That means that members can be a part of the house and also a part of other Pagan organizations or even other religious traditions entirely! But, I’d like to do more with respect to spiritual services. Exactly what is a bit up in the air at the moment. Hopefully, my last year of seminary will help me figure that out!

You may have noticed, also on the homepage, that I shared my pronouns. This is a good thing to do, and you should do it, too. In case you missed them, mine are they, them, and theirs. That means, if you were speaking about me in the third-person, you’d say something like “They are a software developer” or “This purse is theirs.” And, even though it might seem like you’re talking about multiple people, you’re not. I’m just me; my pronouns are one way that I signify that I’m a nonbinary transperson.

Personally, I’ve been married since 2005 to my lovely partner, Megan. Currently, we have a snake and two cats. This is probably the smallest our menagerie has been in quite some time. We’ve been living in the DC area for the last few years, but prior to that we’ve lived in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. We’re both avid readers, video game players, and other than that, our primary past time is spoiling our pets.