The Full Dash

The Full Dash refers to an aggregate feed of all things that Dash is posting on the various sites at which he contributes.  On the homepage, where it’s just labeled “The Full Dash” the section excludes pings, the micro-blogging posts that Dash adds into his site from Ping.fm because they’re advertised elsewhere.  However, when you see lists of posts in the sidebars (labeled “The Fuller Dash”) then it’s everything and the pings.


The following are the feeds from other sites that help make up the Full Dash.  Yahoo! Pipes is used to pull them and mix them all together.

  • Dash’s Shadowrun Site
    Dash is pretty much obsessed with the pen-and-paper role playing game Shadowrun Fourth Edition.  He’s been playing Shadowrun since the late 90′s and running the game pretty much non-stop since 2000.  In 2005 he started working with Catalyst Game Labs as a proofreader, author,  and a convention game master though is involvement is less than he’d like more recently.  Regardless, if you want to see what Dash is up to in the world of ultra-nerdy gaming, that’s the place to do it.
  • Hail Columbia
    In the Summer of 2011 there was an movement by a fairly fringe-y group to engage in spiritual warfare with a focus on electing an ultra-conservative Christian candidate for President of the United States of America in 2012.  A part of this movement denigrated Columbia and Dash — as well as some other Pagans — felt that a network that could be used to share information between American Pagans about this movement and others was something that he wanted to help create.  Still in its infancy, Hail Columbia became that network.  Dash posts there infrequently, but when he does, his posts will appear under the Full Dash.
  • TechnoWitch
    Dash lets people know that he’s Pagan, but if people want more information, he’s begun to self identify as a technowitch. To be honest, even he’s not quite sure, yet, what that means.  TechnoWitch.org is his site which focuses on his religion (so that those who aren’t interested in religious conversations online can avoid them) and his exploration thereof.

The Fuller Dash:

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